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The purported email addresses and passwords of nearly 6,500 registered members of the pornography site YouPorn have been leaked onto the Web, putting those involved at risk of identity theft and, at the very least, public embarrassment.

Posted to the file-hosting site Pastebin on Monday (Feb. 20), the list  of 6,433 YouPorn members is reportedly just a small fraction of the more than 1 million members whose credentials were incorrectly stored on an openly accessible, public-facing server since late 2007, the security firm ESET wrote.

YouPorn is one of the world's most popular porn websites, and one of the top 100 websites in the world. The registered users whose names appear on the leaked list did nothing wrong, but now that their passwords are out in the open — unfortunately many people reuse passwords  for multiple online accounts — they may quickly become targets of all types of online scams.

"Hackers have already started going through the lists, checking which users have the same password for email or Facebook, and have posted some intimate pictures found in some users' sent/received email," Anders Nilsson from ESET wrote.

It is not known who posted the thousands of porn site credentials, but a glance at some of the exposed members' passwords shows how carelessly some people take their own security.

Among the leaked passwords  are "fffffff," "mmmmmm," "password," "qwerty123," "abc123," "123," "12345," 123456" and "123456789." In the more, shall we say, colorful category, are "ilovesex," "youporn" and the catchall, "sex."

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