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Vanity Scam Strokes Egos to Steal Info

A new spear-phishing campaign targeting business executives shows that Internet scammers hope a little flattery can go a long way. Full story

Facebook Phishing Scam Targets ‘Fan’ Pages

No matter how popular your fan page on Facebook may be, "Facebook Security" is not asking you to verify it, contrary to what the creators of a new phishing scam want you to believe. Users who fall for this scheme will give phishers access to their Facebook accounts and whatever personal information Full story

Hackers Keep Phishing for Apple IDs

People spend a lot of money on iTunes and Apple's App Store, so it's not surprising that their Apple IDs would prove tempting targets for hackers. Full story

How to Avoid Mother's Day Email Scams

In theory, you know your mom better than anyone, so don't let a random email dictate what to buy her for Mother's Day. In addition to showcasing your sensitivity, choosing your own gift will let you avoid an email scam that could end with a stolen credit card number. Full story

Twitter ratchets up phishing protection by adopting DMARC standard

Phishing emails often pose as being sent by major league sites rather than princes from far-flung countries, but Twitter's implemented a new measure to stamp out phonies that borrow its name. Costolo and Co. announced that, earlier this month, they began leveraging a tech called DMARC that establis Full story

Is Your Business Ready for Cyber War?

With analysts predicting a surge in international hacking threats, here's what small businesses need to do to stay out of the crosshairs. Full story

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'Twilight' Fans Targeted in Facebook Scam

Hackers Suspected in $400,000 Bank of America Electronic Heist

Apple ID Holders Targeted in Phishing Scam

Twerror Strikes as Twitter Links Break in Unison

13 Percent of Homes With Broadband Infected With Malware

Georgia Man Admits Role in $1.3 Million Global Cyberscam

Apple tightens iTunes, App Store security

Cops bust multi-million-dollar Russian cyber gang

Pinterest Is a Perfect Spot for Phishing


  Don’t get snared by online scams

Despite all the attention paid to the problem, people are still getting scammed online on an alarmingly regular basis. Correspondents Janice Lieberman and Tom Llamas talk to experts on how to spot the most common schemes.