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The NBC News Investigative unit has obtained a planning memo, written by an al Qaida militant, that specifies which Americans and others to target in Iraq and worldwide. Below are excerpts from that memo.

Targets Inside Cities
Targets inside the cities are considered a sort of military diplomacy.  Normally, this kind of diplomacy is written with blood and decorated with body parts and the smell of guns.  It carries a political meaning that relates to the nature of the faith’s struggle.  The intent is to send messages to different directions. Therefore, it is very important to choose accurate targets (similar to Al-Qaeda explosions).  One of the good examples is what four heroic brothers did with their successful choice of target. (Khaled Al-Saeed, Riyadh Al-Hajeri, Abdul Aziz Al-Muthem, Moslih Al-Shamrani).  God bless their souls.


Faith Targets
At the beginning of any Jihad military operation, it is not advisable to target religious places unless it is used for:
Missionaries in Islamic countries, where they try to convert Moslems to Christians such as what happened in Yemen and as what is going on in Iraq as well as well as what was going on in the land of the two Holy Mosques (Saudi Arabia) where they were distributing bibles to homes.  In this case hunting those people is good and we know who they are.Covert intelligence operations.  Any Moslem religious scholar who cooperates with the enemy.  Targeting those is glorified and makes them as symbols for God’s anger.Reverends, priests, rabbis and any religious personality that attack Islam or Moslems such as an American reverend that cursed the prophet, we hope to God that we will get his neck.  Also as what Mr. Sayed Nosair did when he killed Rabbi Kahana who cursed the prophet.Any (Jewish or Christian) personality that provides financial, military, or moral support against Moslems as with what happened with the crusades in the past.


Economic Targets
The purpose of these targets is to destabilize the situation and not allow the economic recovery such as hitting oil wells and pipelines that will scare foreign companies from working there and stealing Moslem treasures.  Another purpose is to have foreign investment withdrawn from local markets.  Some of the benefits of those operations are the effect it has on the economic powers like the one that had happened recently in Madrid where the whole European economy was affected.  Such attacks have dual economic effects on the crusaders, Jewish and renegade Islamic countries. 
These are practical examples:
1.  Targeting of Jewish and crusader’s investments in the Moslem lands.
2.  Targeting international companies.
3.  Targeting international economic consultants and experts.
4.  Targeting investments coming from enemy countries using either military methods such as the blowing up of American restaurants (franchises) or using political means such as boycotts.
5.  Targeting stolen natural resources from the Moslem lands such as the attack on the French oil tanker and Iraqi pipelines.  The leadership should decide the selection of such economic targets because it can choose the right time.
6.  Assassinating Jewish businessmen and teach lessons to those who cooperate with them, but after you warn them.  You only assassinate those who have been proven to deal with them.


Human Targets
We have to target Jews and Christians.  We have to let anybody that fights God, his prophet or the believers know that we will be killing them.  There should be no limits and no geographical borders.  Wee have to turn the land of the infidels into hell as they have done to the land of the Moslems.  Therefore, all the cells all over the world should not look to geographic borders but should try to make the infidel countries theaters of operations and get them busy with that and themselves. They have made the Moslem lands, experiment fields for their weapons and inventions, we must turn their places into hell and destruction and the sons of the Islamic nation are capable of that.
The primary targets should be Jews and Christians who have important status in the Islamic countries.  The purpose is not to allow them to settle in the lands of the Moslems.  Our advice is to start with unprotected soft targets and the individuals from countries that support the local renegades.
For example, In the Holy Land (Saudi Arabia), the primary target should be Americans, then the British.  In Iraq, the Americans first, in Afghanistan, the Americans first, and in Algiers, the French and in Indonesia the Australians and so on.
The importance of the targets should be as follows:
1.  Jews:  They are at different levels.  American and Israeli Jews first, the British Jews and then French Jews and so on.
2.    Christians:
Their importance is as follows:


The Purpose for Human Targets
To stress the struggle of the faiths. Targeting Jews and Christians is a proof that it is a religious struggle.To show who the main enemy is.To get rid of the renegades and to purify the land and to use them as examples for others.To spread fear in enemy lines. This is a requirement from God as a Holy Koran says, “Verse from the Koran”.To lift the morale of the Islamic nation.To destroy the image and stature of the targeted government.  America’s nose was smeared in the soil after the attacks on New York and Washington.To obstruct political projects for the infidels and the renegades.  Italy decided not to send soldiers to Iraq after exploding Italians in Baghdad as well as the promise made by opponents of the Spanish Prime Minister to withdraw Spanish troops from Iraq because of the Madrid explosions.Punishment for killing Moslems.  God says, “Punish them in the same way they punished you.”


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