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Even more than soccer/football, Apple rumors and conjecture is the sport that unites the world. Three new tidbits hint that the long-rumored iPad 3 is about to hit:

Apple media event

Pretty much every technology Web site has been predicting an Apple presentation to happen the first week of March – yet, next week. Several have cited "reliable sources," that have been helpful in the past. No guarantees, but with this many people talking, it seems nearly impossible not to happen.

2) iPad shipping documents

The Chinese site has published a photo of what they claim to be a shipping document showing that Apple has chartered a large number of cargo planes to fly from China to the ORD Chicago, JFK New York, LAX Los Angeles airports between Feb. 26 and March 9.

3) Best Buy Closeout sale

The electronics retail giant has reduced the prices of all iPad 2 models by $50. Perhaps the discount id to clear out inventory before they become outdated models that Best Buy would have to sell off for even less. Apple itself has not cut prices, however, and it lists all models as in stock. But that's not unusual, Apple often has leftover inventory – be it iPads or laptops – that it sells off after next-gen models arrive.

It's possible that all these tidbits could mean noting. But the looming arrival of new iPads seems increasingly likely.

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