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When the new iPad comes tomorrow, one of the rumored upgrades to come with it is a high-definition “retina display” screen. For many apps, HD might not make a big difference, but other apps would become much better. If the iPad goes high-def, it’s a safe bet that its own built-in apps — like GarageBand, iMovie and iBooks — would be ready from the get-go or soon after.

We’ve selected ten others, from games to visually packed business apps, that are also likely to make the most of the extra pixels.


Splashtop Remote Desktop ($5)

Splashtop lets you conveniently access your PC or Mac from your iPad and lets you run business apps like Excel, playing Flash-based videos (including Hulu shows) and access popular games such as "World of Warcraft." An HD iPad screen would better match the detail you see on your computer.  iTunes Store Link


Snapseed ($5)

This budget app lets you tweak images any way you see fit, adding borders and experimenting with “filters” to apply effects such as color tones (including “drama” and “vintage”), for example. A better screen would make it easier to edit pics not only from the iPad’s dinky camera (which may well get an upgrade) but even from high-res digicams.  iTunes Store Link


CineXPlayer ($4)

This major upgrade of the current app, due in a few months, allows you to watch along with friends who are far away, providing a split-screen mode with video, a chat window and a browser. Drag the video to your friend's name on a list, and they can see what you are watching. Swipe a window toward the browser to get Internet Movie Database (IMDB) background on a film or show. With three windows, CineXPlayer needs all the pixels it can get.  Laptop Magazine preview


OnLive (free)


While the App Store already offers many quality games, the upcoming OnLive app upgrade will to let you play several retail titles by streaming them from the company’s online library, including "Driver: San Francisco" and "Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition," among hundreds of others.  iTunes Store Link


Infinity Blade II ($7)


One of the best-looking iPad games, "Infinity Blade II" is a brutal action adventure with absolutely stunning visuals, even on a low-fi screen. It will be mesmerizing in HD.  iTunes Store Link


Dead Space HD ($10)

In space, no one can hear you freak out. In this horror action game, you’re trapped on a spaceship with terrifying xenomorphs (a la the thing from “Alien”). If the “HD” in the name were real, the creatures would look even freakier, and hitting them just right would be more challenging.  iTunes Store Link


The Elements: A Visual Exploration ($14)

The Elements is already one of the best interactive iPad apps. In place of a chart with letters, this periodic table provides stunning images and illustrations of the materials that make up our world.  iTunes Store Link


Planetary (free)

Why just play your default music list when you can interact with it? Planetary introduces a functional solar system model that takes all your music selections and makes them a universe you can explore, with gorgeous 3D planets that would make any astronomer jealous.  iTunes Store Link


Sketchbook Pro ($5)

A must for pro animators and start-up students alike, Sketchbook Pro will easily take advantage of the new iPad’s HD display. Featuring hundreds of tools, including color tones, brushes, pencils and markers, there’s no limit to what you can artistically put together.  iTunes Store Link


Toy Story Read-Along (free)

Featuring great visuals that bring Pixar’s film to life, read-along options for all ages and a number of engaging mini-games, Toy Story is one of the best virtual storybooks, even in low-res.  iTunes Store Link

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