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Royal Baby Scams Could Lead to Royal Headaches

UPDATED 12:45 pm ET Wednesday with news that the first royal-baby scams have begun to appear. Full story

Consumer Alerts: The Other Side

The flexibility of working from home is very appealing for many Americans trying to make ends meet. However, proceed with caution. Most of these jobs found online are nothing more than a scam.You are looking at almost $750,000 dollars worth of fake postal money orders. The bogus checks were put in t Full story

Vanity Scam Strokes Egos to Steal Info

A new spear-phishing campaign targeting business executives shows that Internet scammers hope a little flattery can go a long way. Full story

LinkedIn Leveraged to Lend New Life to Old Scam

Scammers are using LinkedIn to give their garden-variety cons an added air of legitimacy as they attempt to part gullible Internet users from their cash. Full story

How to Avoid Mother's Day Email Scams

In theory, you know your mom better than anyone, so don't let a random email dictate what to buy her for Mother's Day. In addition to showcasing your sensitivity, choosing your own gift will let you avoid an email scam that could end with a stolen credit card number. Full story

Facebook Users Fall for Stalker More than Sex Scams

Are you dying to know who's viewed your Facebook profile? Scammers bet you are and will tempt you with fake apps promising to reveal who's been stalking you on Facebook. Full story

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Boston Bombings Used as Malware Scam Bait

Android 'X-Ray' Malware Tempts Peeping Toms

Facebook Scammers Lure Gamers with Bogus Next-Gen Consoles

Phone Scammers Fleece Retiree Out of House and Home

Email Scammers Use Hugo Chavez Death as Bait

How to Hire the Right People and Other Tips This Week

Bogus Browser Updates Put PCs, Phones at Risk

How to Catch Hurricane Sandy Scammers

Fake Miley Cyrus Sex Tape Used to Scam Facebookers (Again)

Security Shorts: Miley Cyrus Sex Tape Scam, ThePirateBay Goes Dark


  Rossen Reports: Teens scammed with fake prom dresses

As high school students all over the country begin their exhaustive searches for the perfect prom dress, scammers are cashing in on their excitement, selling cheap knockoff designer dresses online, claiming they’re the real deal. NBC’s Jeff Rossen reports.