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Video: Taking the fight against hunger on a stadium tour

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    >>> our making a difference report tonight is about the power of leftovers, lots of them. good food and lots of people who get a chance to eat a good meal after the game is over, the music stops and the crowd has gone home. our story tonight from nbc's peter alexander .

    >> reporter: on hockey nights in boston , the action is off and on the ice.

    >> may i help you?

    >> can i get two dogs, please?

    >> reporter: with vendors preparing hot dogs and paninis for thousands of bruins fans with plenty left over. in boston they used to throw away cooked food that wasn't eater. 25 tons each year went to waste. not anymore. at the end of the game the staff wraps up the leftovers, 165 pounds on this night alone.

    >> we'll feed a few people tomorrow.

    >> reporter: then it's stored and the next morning donated to the boston rescue mission where they serve hundreds of people each day.

    >> i think why weren't we doing this beforehand? and i think this is great that we'll have an opportunity to give people a meal that would otherwise not have a chance to eat.

    >> reporter: the entire national hockey league is now on board and major league baseball is considering signing up, too. this is all the idea of sid mandelbalm in a crusade to his parents who nearly starved to death in a nazi concentration camp .

    >> i want to change this country so that what my parents went through no one in this country has to go through -- hunger.

    >> reporter: in 17 years they have fed more than half a billion people. it started at rock concerts with bands like bon jovi and aerosmith donating to local shelters and recently spread to hotels gathering unused toiletries. back at the boston mission, those leftovers never go to waste.

    >> a little bit of everything that comes from the boston garden will go into various meals throughout the day.

    >>> one solution to the fight against hunger where no meal is left behind . peter alexander , nbc news, boston .


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