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When the new iPad, with its souped-up new graphic display, arrives in Apple stores this Friday, it will push the boundaries of how you play games on a tablet. Among the early game offerings for the device is "Infinity Blade Dungeons," the latest from Chair Entertainment.

" Dungeons " takes place prior to the two previous "Infinity Blade" games. As an apprentice to the mighty Master of the Forge, you battle enemies while seeking out the only weapon that can defeat the Deathless, a devastating enemy who’s put quite a dent in anyone who faced him before. That weapon? The Infinity Blade, of course.

But don’t go thinking this is just another routine addition to the series. Where previous versions of the game took place with an over-the-shoulder perspective and through timed battles, "Infinity Blade Dungeons" now provides an overhead viewpoint, where you’re able to see more of the stage you’re exploring and can keep a better eye out for enemies. You also have more freedom of movement this time around. Rather than just swiping the screen to attack or dodge an incoming attack, you can now freely move your character around the stage, finding items and taking on enemies foolish enough to challenge you.

As in previous "Infinity Blade" games, style counts for everything when it comes to defeating enemies. You can chain together combination attacks, through quick and strong slashes, to defeat them, and even use special techniques, such as a rushing charge attack, for stronger opponents. These are executed through simple on-screen button prompts, located conveniently so they aren’t in the way of the action.

Along with gorgeous graphics that rival downloadable games for Xbox Live or PlayStation Network (such as Microsoft’s own "Torchlight" series), "Infinity Blade Dungeons" also provides various “leveling-up” options, in which you can strengthen your character, improve their skills and equip them with special items you find. Additional weapons and other goods can also be purchased through the app, though Chair Entertainment didn’t detail what those are just yet.

The first two "Infinity Blade" games were nothing short of fantastic, thanks to their glorious battles and striking visuals. But "Dungeons" seems to be going the extra mile, setting the pace for a new kind of action game, while providing all the options that made the series su

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