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George H.W. Bush Shaves Head in Support of Boy with Cancer

Former President George H. W. Bush made headlines earlier this week when he shaved his head in support of a little boy battling leukemia.Touched by 2-year-old Patrick, the son of a member of his Secret Service detail, Bush was inspired to make a decision that surprised even those closest to him: He Full story

Bush 41 goes bald in support of child with cancer

The former president and members of his Secret Service detail have all gone bald in support of 2-year-old Patrick, who was diagnosed with leukemia in the Spring. Full story

7 Bald eagles cling to life after ingesting poison

   Veterenarians in Washington State are trying to help seven bald eagles recover after reportedly eating the poisoned remains of euthanized horses. KING’s Eric Wilkinson reports.

Bald eagle release on Veteran's Day

   A bald eagle is released back into the wild on Veteran's Day in South Carolina after the bird fully recovered from a foot injury.'s Dara Brown reports.

Cameron Diaz celebrates 40 with sexy photos

   The TODAY anchors chat about the stories making headlines today, including a risqué new photo spread featured in Britain’s Esquire magazine of actress Cameron Diaz, who tells the magazine she feels “better at 40 than I did at 25.”

Chairs: Bald is Beautiful & Powerful

   The "Squawk Box" news team weighs in with their perspective on headline making news; including an article that contends: Guys who are bald have an edge and potentially better leadership skills, than those men with long locks.

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  Scientists find vitamin D could cure baldness

More than half of American men experience hair loss after they turn 50, but now Japanese scientists have found that vitamin D could be a possible baldness cure. NBC’s Craig Melvin reports.

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