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Sex After a Heart Attack? Here's How and When

Doctors should counsel patients who've had heart attacks or strokes about when and how to safely resume sex, new guidelines say. Full story

Sex after heart attack? Docs urged to give advice

Many heart specialists are hardly Dr. Ruth — sex is not something they relish bringing up with patients. But new guidance says they should, early and often, to let survivors know intimacy is often possible after a heart attack. Full story

Quad Cities Gets Second Place ... In Heart Attacks

New research tonight shows the Quad Cities has the second highest rate of heart attacks of any place in the country. Full story

Sex After a Heart Attack: Women Want Information

Many women who've had heart attacks want more information about how to safely resume sex afterward, a new study suggests. Full story

James Gandolfini: Heart Problems Top Cause of Vacation Deaths

A relaxing summer trip abroad may sound like an unlikely time to have a heart attack, but James Gandolfini's death underscores a sad fact that heart experts have recognized: heart problems are the leading cause of death among people on vacation. Full story

Gut check: Stomach bacteria linked to heart attacks?

   A new study indicates people who had been treated for heart disease showed higher levels of a chemical we all carry in our stomachs called TMAO. Could a simple blood test measuring stomach bacteria predict future risk of heart attack, stroke and death? NBC’s Robert Bazell reports.

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Commonplace causes may lead to deadly cath lab delay

Balding men may have higher heart attack risk

Analog Devices CEO dies of apparent heart attack

Chelation little help for heart disease: study

HIV linked to higher chance of heart attack

Overcrowded ERs, PTSD signs tied in heart patients

CT scans to rule out heart attacks don't help

Marathons Won't Give You a Heart Attack

Man who aided driver saved by him a few miles later

HPV may raise women's risk of heart disease


  Writer goes in search of how his father truly died

When writer Michael Hainey was a child, he was told that his father died of a heart attack after working the late shift at his Chicago newspaper job. But something about that story didn't sit right with Hainey, who spent 10 years talking with family and his father's friends about what really happene

  ‘Rescue Me’ singer Fontella Bass dies at 72

Soul singer Fontella Bass, 72, has died following complications from a recent heart attack. She was most famous for her hit 1965 pop song “Rescue Me.” TODAY’s Natalie Morales reports.

  After heart attack, grandma lost 178 lbs.

Pam Holmes, a grandmother of three, is the newest member of the Joy Fit Club after losing 178 lbs. She decided to turn her life around after her doctor ordered an EKG and informed her that she’d already suffered a heart attack. Now she is walking 5K’s and loves the feeling of getting breathless afte

  Rosie reveals her heart attack mistakes to Dr. Oz

Dr. Mehmet Oz chats with TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie about his interview with Rosie O’Donnell, in which the actress and comedian opened up about her heart attack this summer, and discusses the signs of heart attacks in women.

  There is such thing as a broken heart

Broken hearts appear to mimic heart attacks – which are caused by blockages – because the heart is stunned, resulting in a temporary malfunction. Johns Hopkins has started tracking fatal heartbreak. NBC’s Nancy Snyderman reports.

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View of entrance of Exedra hotel, where Gandolfini suffered from heart attack according to media reports, is seen in Rome
View of entrance of Exedra hotel, where Gandolfini suffered from heart attack according to media reports, is seen in Rome

A view of the entrance of the Exedra hotel, where James Gandolfini suffered from a heart attack according to media reports, is seen in Rome June 20, 2013. Gandolfini, the burly actor best known for his Emmy-winning portrayal of a conflicted New Jersey mob boss in the groundbreaking TV series "The So

FILE: Folk Musician Richie Havens Dies At 72
FILE: Folk Musician Richie Havens Dies At 72

FILE - APRIL 22: Folk musician Richie Havens has died of a heart attack at 72 years old. Havens performed at Woodstock and is known for the Billboard Top 100 song "Here Comes the Sun." UNITED KINGDOM - DECEMBER 01: ALEXANDRA PALACE Photo of Richie HAVENS

Natasha Harris, 30, died of a heart attack.
Natasha Harris, 30, died of a heart attack.

In this undated photograph, Natasha Harris, 30, is seen. Harris, stay-at-home mother of eight from Invercargill, died of a heart attack in February 2010. Experts say the New Zealand woman's 2-gallon-a-day Coca-Cola habit probably contributed to her death, a conclusion that led the soft-drink giant

Heart Attack
Heart Attack

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