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An AWOL soldier is in federal custody for trying to defraud Paul Allen, the Microsoft co-founder and one of the richest men in the world.

In a criminal complaint unsealed yesterday (March 26) in a Pennsylvania court, the FBI alleges that Brandon Price changed the address on a Citibank account of Allen's from Seattle to Pittsburgh. Impersonating Allen, the suspect then called three days later saying he'd lost his debit card. The bank sent Price a new card, now attached to Allen's account, the Associated Press reported.

The complaint, obtained by Wired, says Citibank sent a new card with the name Paul G. Allen on it to Price's Pittsburgh address on Jan. 13 via UPS. "The name obtained by UPS in connection with the delivery read, 'Price,'" the complaint says. 

The complaint does not say how Price was able to change the address tied to Allen's account, but notes that he also added a Pittsburgh phone number with a 412 area code to the account. Allen, who left Microsoft in 1983, is valued at more than $14 billion.

On Jan. 13, the day the fraudulent bank card was activated by phone, Price attempted to make a $15,000 Western Union transaction, and made a $658.81 payment to a delinquent Armed Forces Bank account located in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. The FBI alleges that it has surveillance footage showing Price using the card to try to make a $278.18 purchase at a GameStop video game store.

The following day Price tried to make a $1 purchase at a dollar store. In both instances, Price, who is African American, wore a jacket with the word "Army" on the front.

Allen's bank detected the unauthorized purchases, said his spokesman, and law enforcement agents were alerted. The only transaction that was approved was the $658.18 payment to Price's bank account.

Price is listed as AWOL from the Army and was arrested March 2. He will be detained until April 2 unless taken into custody by the army before then.

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