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Traveling light is always better. But for long trips, figuring in the time (and expense) to do laundry is a pain. A new on-the-go option is the Scrubba — a bag that washes clothes.

On the inside, the bag is equipped with a "washboard" made of tiny nodules. To do laundry, you fill the Scrubba with water, a bit of detergent and some clothing. Release any excess air from inside the bag and rub it around for about 40 seconds to get your laundry clean.

The whole thing weighs 5 ounces and can fold to the size of a Coke can when you are done.

You'll have to rinse the clothes in a sink and then hang them up to dry. But the savings is substantial, given that laundromats often charge several dollars per pound – assuming you are traveling in a place that has them to begin with.

The Scrubba can be preordered for $47 (which includes shipping from Australia). Inventor Ashley Newland said he plans to ship the first batch of 100 in April, with the rest to start shipping in mid-May.

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