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You're stuck in traffic, and nobody is going anywhere for a while. Why not kick back with a cup of espresso? If you own a Handpresso Auto, you're in luck.

Powered by your car's cigarette lighter, the Handpresso is a handheld, thermos-sized device that heats water and pumps it through a "coffee pod," containing finely ground coffee. Hold it above your cup, push a button, and have your caffeine shot in two minutes.

Obviously you wouldn't want to try this in a moving car, but it makes a nice amenity at any rest stop. When you are done, the device easily fits in the glove compartment.

The Handpresso Auto is available for about $200 from the company website. (If it comes up in French, just click the British flag in the upper left corner to switch to English.) A site called Importika, as well as Amazon, carry the coffee pods.

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