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Anonymous' United Kingdom faction is calling for its supporters to draw digital arms to protest the extradition of U.K. citizens to the United States.

On its AnonOpUK Twitter feed, the hacktivist group announced "Operation Trial At Home," a campaign to fight the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) that could lead to the extradition of three accused criminals by the U.K.'s Home Office, the government department responsible for domestic security.

Scheduled for April 7, OpTrialAtHome invites supporters to "Charge Ya Lazers" and, at 9 p.m. GMT, hit the Home Office's website with denial-of-service attacks. Anonymous includes the Home Office's IP address in its announcement.

Anonymous' call to arms reads, "#OpTrialAtHome has been initiated, We are inviting every #Anon to join us in our fight against #Extradition and the #EAW."

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The faces of Anonymous' anti-extradition campaign are Gary McKinnon, Christopher Harold Tappin and Richard O'Dwyer.

McKinnon, a Scottish systems administrator, was arrested in 2002 for allegedly hacking into U.S. military and NASA computers in 2001 and 2002 and deleting files and copying data. Tappin, a retired British businessman, is accused by the U.S. government of exporting materials to Iran that can be used to build surface-to-air missiles. The owner of, O'Dwyer has been charged with hosting copyrighted materials on his site; the U.S. Justice Department has been seeking his extradition since last May.

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