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Everyone has an opinion or interesting tidbits to share. But unless you're a professional pundit, full-on blogging can be too time-consuming. And thinking of grand ideas for long posts can be even harder.

Instead, you can use other types of services that allow you to post shorter snippets of your thoughts instead of lengthy journal entries — or even just photos, quotes or videos. They are social networks, as well, which makes it easy for people to discover and follow you, and vice versa. Here are two unique social networks, and one you may not have thought of.


The site lets you post just a picture, quote, link, video, excerpt of a chat (such as an IM with a friend) and even an audio clip.  tumblr   users can follow other tumblr blogs and see blog posts from everyone they follow. If you find something interesting from another tumblr user, you can easily share or like it – just as on Facebook or Twitter. Your followers will then see it in their main screen, called a "dashboard." Since sharing content on tumblr is incredibly easy, an interesting post could go viral very fast. Yes, it's a bit like the hot new  Pinterest  scrapbook site, but for a wider range of content.


This social network, which Twitter just bought, allows users to post video, pictures and even documents, and then automatically share these blog posts on other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.  When you're mobile, you can even update the blog by simply sending it in an email with a picture, video or status update. It formats the post for you — no app needed. While posterous is really more like a blog and less like a social network, it will be interesting to see if Twitter turns  posterous  into a way for Twitter users to share longer updates. 


Of course, you already know Facebook. But have you ever thought about using it to blog? Last November, Facebook increased the length of status updates from 5,000 characters to more than 60,000 characters, which is about 7,000 words — more than you'll need. Facebook also recently introduced a following feature that allows people who aren't friends to subscribe and see the posts that you want to make public. The whole world won't see updates about your kids or your breakfast. But you can designate some posts for everyone to see.

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