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Kinect, which uses your body as a hardware-less controller, is a great tool for gaming.

If you want to move stuff on your computer screen like Tom Cruise in "The Minority Report," try Flutter for the Mac. (So far, there are no plans for a Windows version.) It uses the webcam on your computer the same way a Kinect uses its built-in camera, to see you move and transmit gestures to the controls that would ordinarily be connected to a trackpad, mouse or keyboard.

Flutter is being alpha tested now, which means the developers have written an early version and want to see how well it works. The features are limited, and there are still a few kinks to work out, but it's free for you to download and try (if you have a Mac). So far it allows for gesture control of iTunes and Spotify. Holding your hand out, for example, plays the music. Holding it out again pauses the tunes.

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