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Social Media Warning: Instagram Captures More Than Just Photos

(KYTV) Instagram is one of the hottest social networking sites for tweens these days. But, more and more parents are discovering that it comes with a very big concern, your kid could wind up putting your home on the map without even knowing it."Most older people don't have Instagram," said Molly Mat Full story

Stun guns! Fireworks! Grenades! TSA shows off confiscated items on Instagram

You know all of that stuff you're not supposed to carry on an airplane? It may seem obvious to most travelers that they shouldn't bring fireworks, revolvers, stun guns, hunting knives, grenades and the like into the cabin — but as the Transportation Security Authority's new Instagram account reveals Full story

#nofilter? #noway, says site that calls out Instagram fakers

First people clicked the "like" buttons on posts for which they have no fond feelings, then they celebrated #followfriday on days other than Friday and now ... well, now these rule-breakers are getting even bolder! They're adding filters to photos and then tagging them #nofilter!We can't have such d Full story

Instagram Hackers Get Fruity with Diet Spam

Users of the photo-sharing smartphone app Instagram reported being hit with a barrage of posts featuring images of strange fruit and touting their "miracle" health benefits on Saturday (June 29). Full story

The Top 25 Brands on Instagram

See which brands made the list and what makes people engage with them. Full story

Michelle Obama Instagrams her trip to Senegal

   The first lady posted a video on Instagram of her visit with schoolgirls in Senegal. A day after launching her account, she has more than 215,000 followers.

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Welcome to Instagram Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama makes Instagram debut with images from Africa

Beware of New Instagram Follower Scam

Teens convicted of Instagram insults

Facebook Is Playing a Perpetual Game of Catch-Up

Instagram Steadies Shaky Video Better Than Pro Software

Facebook makes it official: Instagram to support video

How Instagram Video Could Be Better Than Vine

Cicadas Surface on Instagram

Instagram prankster gets cozy with celebs thanks to Photoshop


  Anchors test out Instagram’s new video capability

Matt, Savannah, Tamron and Al share the funny videos they created with Instagram’s new video functionality.

  Lindsay Lohan Instagrams herself packing for rehab

Actress Lindsay Lohan sent out an Instagram of herself packing for her three- month stint in rehabilitation, writing “90 Days and 270 looks” before she made her account private.

  Hottest Hollywood headlines and hashtags

Nina Terrero, NBC Latino’s entertainment editor, shares all things new and noteworthy in Hollywood, from Bethenny Frankel opening up about her divorce to Rihanna’s new Instagram photo with Chris Brown.

  Justin Bieber lashes out against the media

After a rough few months of negative press, the teen idol responded to critics in a lengthy Instagram statement, saying “if anyone believes I need rehab, that’s their own stupidity.” NBC’s Mara Schiavocampo reports.

  Cheerleaders accused in online ‘hit list’

Two Arizona high school cheerleaders are under investigation following a “hit list” they posted on Instagram of students and a teacher, police say. KPNX’s Mary Nguyen reports.

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A photo illustration shows the applications Facebook and Instagram on the screen of an iPhone in Zagreb
A photo illustration shows the applications Facebook and Instagram on the screen of an iPhone in Zagreb

A photo illustration shows the applications Facebook and Instagram on the screen of an iPhone in Zagreb April 9, 2012. REUTERS/Antonio Bronic

Steak picture used to ID suspect
Steak picture used to ID suspect

IRS agents said that this Jan. 7 photo of a steak and macaroni and cheese, captioned "Morton's" and posted on Instagram, helped them identify Nathaniel Troy Maye, 44, of Harlem, N.Y., as a suspect in an identity theft investigation.

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Andrew Knapp's "Find Momo" photo project on Instagram