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This summer might just be the ideal time to break out your "Knight Rider" VHS tapes and start saving up for that DeLorean, because the '80s are coming back.

Last weekend, Majesco Games showed off its upcoming digital download, "Double Dragon Neon." Some of you may remember playing the original "Double Dragon" at your local arcade (or 7-11) in the '80s. If not, let’s take you back in time.

"Double Dragon" features Billy and Jimmy Lee, a pair of martial arts-empowered brothers who take on a group of street thugs who have kidnapped an innocent girl. In the upcoming "Neon," the brothers team up once more, this time taking on the evil Skullmageddon, who directs his Afro-wearing, nerdily dressed hooligans across the city in an effort to take them down.

The game is the latest project for WayForward, a development team that previously worked on the retro-inspired "Mighty Flip Champs," as well as "Contra 4" on the Nintendo DS, so they know “classic game” territory. "Neon" clearly lives in that area, with plenty of beat-'em-up action, whether you’re using punches or kicks or picking up a weapon such as a bat or an oil drum to beat down enemies. (And for larger cronies like the muscle-bound Abobo, you’re going to need them.)

Though the gameplay may not have changed much, the graphics have, as WayForward found it fitting to flash back to the '80s with nifty-looking high-definition visuals, from the energy meters to the retrofitted enemy designs. You can easily spot the influence from the old game, even though it looks glossy and new. The music is pure '80s rock cheese as well, tempting you to grow out your hair like a member of Mötley Crüe.

What’s more, Double Dragon Neon supports both local and online cooperative support, so you’ll be able to team up with a friend in battle even if they’re not right next to you.

Double Dragon Neon  is set to hit Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network this summer. A final price hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it shouldn’t set you back too much, leaving you plenty of cash for hair gel to style up like Rick Astley.

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