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George Zimmerman pulled over by Texas police, warned for speeding

AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - George Zimmerman, a volunteer watchman whose acquittal in the shooting death of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin led to protests, was pulled over by police in Texas on Sunday for speeding, officials said on Wednesday.Full story

George Zimmerman stopped for speeding in Texas

Police in a Dallas suburb say they stopped George Zimmerman for speeding. Full story

‘Presumed Guilty’ focuses on inequalities of the American justice system

  MSNBC host Ari Melber (“The Cycle”) joins Martin Bashir to explain his new project, “Presumed Guilty”, which seeks to point out the differences in how white Americans and minorities experience the criminal justice system.

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Presumed guilty: Why is there no punishment for racial profiling?

House Dems convene dialogue on race and justice

"Save our boys" service held in Spfld

NYC mayoral candidate: Stop and frisk has ‘institutionalized’ racial profiling

Mom of Hadiya Pendleton fears for her surviving child

Iyanla Vanzant goes ‘One on One’ about struggles of black women

Black lawyer group urges Florida governor to repeal 'Stand Your Ground'

Neighborhood patrols ponder gun use after Zimmerman case

The Syllabus: What you need to know for the July 28 ‘MHP’

Why Florida’s governor needs to stand against ‘Stand Your Ground’


  MSNBC unveils new series on race and crime

MSNBC’s Ari Melber joins Thomas Roberts to discuss the network’s new series, “Presumed Guilty,” which examines race and the criminal justice system in the U.S.

  New Orleans 4-year-old refreshingly hopeful

Melissa Harris-Perry celebrates the remarkable genius-level intellect of 4-year-old Anala Beevers, an African-American girl from New Orleans defying statistics and stereotypes.

  KKK calls for community watch groups

Last week, Missouri residents found a bag in their yard with a note from the KKK offering help setting up a neighborhood watch. The NAACP’s Hillary Shelton joins MSNBC to discuss what he thinks the KKK’s intent is with this plan.

  Was Juror B-29 ready to be the modern day Juror 8, holding out against the group?

Melissa Harris-Perry thinks back on the film "12 Angry Men" in the aftermath of the George Zimmerman verdict and in light of the recent interview with Juror B-29. Harris-Perry asks her panel if this juror was ready to hold out against the group, and what the roles may have been in the deliberating r

  Why what we're choosing to criminalize is a huge part of society's race question

Melissa Harris-Perry breaks down the idea that the discussion on race in society should include conversation on what that society chooses to criminalize with the rest of the Up panel and host Steve Kornacki as they look at the Republican response to immigration, broadening their message, and the con

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Kent Holder poses for a portrait for Reuters on Fox Island, Washington
Kent Holder poses for a portrait for Reuters on Fox Island, Washington

Kent Holder, a volunteer with Fox Island Citizens' Patrol, poses for a portrait with his dog, Badger, for Reuters on Fox Island, Washington July 27, 2013. In Holder's view, George Zimmerman violated two basic tenets of the watch program: Never confront a person you perceive to be suspicious, and nev

Handout shows ABC reporter Robin Roberts interviewing Juror B29 from the George Zimmerman trial, along with her lawyer David Chico in New York