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Hockey fans and fantasy baseball addicts have two more reasons to stare at their smartphone screens. In time for the Stanley Cup finals, which began yesterday (April 11), the satellite radio provider SiriusXM has extended online broadcasts to iPhones, BlackBerrys and Android phones running its SiriusXM App — provided you already subscribe to the satellite radio service. Subscribers can also watch the game on a computer at

Hockey fans are probably saying "It's about time," as Sirius XM has already offered live audio coverage online and on its app for NFL, MLB, NBA, NASCAR, Formula 1 and English Premier League soccer events.

Real-time fantasy baseball

Meanwhile today (April 12), a company called brought out an eponymous app (for iPhone and Android) to play along with game broadcasts or at the stadium. Players select the game they are watching (MLB often has about a dozen each day) and vote in real-time on how each at-bat will turn out. To help them, they have complete stats on the players — not just stats such as batting averages, but also details such as the record of how a particular pitcher and batter have fared against each other in the past. "It's very much an informed decision — like for a fantasy sports fan," said Dennis Peters, a spokesperson for

Oddly, players self-report whether they answer correctly or not. Peters said it would be too expensive to monitor every play in every game as it happens in order to automatically score the votes for  the app.

One upshot of the game, Peters said, is that it gets participants interested in every aspect of any game, saying, "Even if a player…you don't follow is at bat, you're going to care if you are down 10 points."

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