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Video: Zimmerman enters not guilty plea

  1. Transcript of: Zimmerman enters not guilty plea

    BRIAN WILLIAMS, anchor: We got the first look today at George Zimmerman , the Neighborhood Watch volunteer now charged with second-degree murder for killing Trayvon Martin . Zimmerman made a brief appearance in court today in Sanford , Florida . NBC 's Kerry Sanders is standing by for us there tonight. Kerry , good evening.

    KERRY SANDERS reporting: Well, good evening, Brian . George Zimmerman will spend another night in jail here. His lawyer didn't even request a bond hearing today; instead, he requested and was granted a judicial seal on almost all the public records, but for the probable cause affidavit. Wearing a jail-issued blue-gray jumpsuit, his hands cuffed, George Zimmerman walked into the courtroom in Sanford , Florida , flanked by his new defense attorney who entered a not- guilty plea . The 28-year-old listened as the charge was read into the court record.

    Offscreen Voice: Murder in the second degree.

    SANDERS: Zimmerman was in the courtroom for less than three minutes.

    Mr. GEORGE ZIMMERMAN: Yes, sir.

    SANDERS: A routine hearing that would not normally be attended by the prosecutor, but today Angela Corey was there. In documents outlining probable cause , state attorney investigators who examined the case, concluded Trayvon Martin , a 17-year-old African-American , was profiled by George Zimmerman and that Zimmerman confronted Martin and a struggle ensued. And then there's that hard to understand muttering in George Zimmerman 's call to police.

    Mr. ZIMMERMAN: This guy looks like he's up to no good or he's on drugs or something.

    SANDERS: The affidavit also refers to two statements Zimmerman made in phone calls to police, quoting him as saying "these, they always get away with." And "these punks."

    Zimmerman: These a__holes. They always get away.

    SANDERS: And that scream heard on one of the 911 calls...

    911 Operator: So you think he's yelling help?

    Unidentified Caller: Yes.

    SANDERS: The affidavit says Trayvon Martin 's mother listened to the call and she identified the voice crying for help as Trayvon Martin 's voice.

    Mr. BERNIE DE LA RIONDA (Prosecutor): We didn't allege all the evidence we had but some of the evidence to establish probable cause .

    SANDERS: Zimmerman 's second-degree murder case has been assigned to circuit Judge Jessica Recksiedler , a former prosecutor and mother of two.

    Mr. KENDALL COFFEY (Former US Attorney): This judge was assigned randomly, just luck of the draw , that brought her into what will be the biggest case of her career.

    SANDERS: Earlier on the "Today" show, Trayvon Martin 's parents said they were relieved Zimmerman had finally been arrested, but then Sybrina Fulton described her son's death as an accident.

    Ms. SYBRINA FULTON (Trayvon Martin's Mother): I believe it was an accident. I believe that it just got out of control, and he couldn't turn the clock back.

    SANDERS: Later, she told NBC 's Lester Holt the accident was their chance encounter that night.

    LESTER HOLT reporting: Do you think Mr. Zimmerman meant to kill Trayvon ?

    Ms. FULTON: Yes. I think when he got out of the vehicle his intentions was to shoot and kill. On the tape, it says they always get away. So he wanted to make sure that this one didn't get away.

    HOLT: You...

    SANDERS: George Zimmerman 's attorney, MichaelO'Mara.

    Mr. MARK O'MARA (George Zimmerman's Attorney): Not guilty plea was entered. We have an arraignment set for the 29th. We'll attend to a bond motion between now and then and tell you what it's set for.

    SANDERS: Defense attorney Mark O'Mara says that while George Zimmerman did shoot and kill Trayvon Martin , he is not guilty of a crime. Brian :

    WILLIAMS: Kerry Sanders , Sanford , Florida , tonight.


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