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Two British teenagers, part of the Team Poison hacktivist group, have been arrested for "phone bombing" the United Kingdom's Secret Intelligence Service's anti-terrorism hotline.

The two suspects, ages 16 and 17, were arrested at a West Midlands address one day after they boasted of their MI6 hacking conquest  by releasing a YouTube video in which TriCk, Team Poison's alleged leader, taunts an MI6 officer.

After tying up MI6's phone lines with an automated 24-hour barrage of calls, the hackers then leaked another video of MI6 officers discussing Team Poison with another agency, possibly the FBI. In a statement accompanying the leaked phone call, Team Poison said it was protesting the planned extradition of several Middle Eastern terrorism suspects being held in the U.K.

The two teens in custody are accused of violating the Malicious Communications Act and the Computer Misuse Act, the Guardian reported. Although it is unclear if TriCk was one of the suspects arrested, in the recorded call of him taunting MI6 representatives he says he is 16. TriCk's Twitter feed now displays a blank white screen.

Following the arrest, another Team Poison hacker calling himself " Detonate" spoke to Britain's Sky News. In a Skype interview, Detonate, speaking in an American accent and shown with a bandana covering his face, says Team Poison's second YouTube leak, of MI6 discussing the hackers with another agency, was obtained by hacking into Scotland Yard's computer system.

"It took no skill whatsoever," Detonate tells Sky News' Roddy Mansfield. "It was pretty much an in and out job."

When asked if Team Poison can listen in on MI6 calls, Detonate replies, "If we wanted to, even right now, yes we could. If we wanted to go ahead and listen to their calls  it'd be easy for us. It's simple for us."

He adds, "We're pretty much showing the MI6 that they're nothing but jerks and that they in fact are the real terrorists."

In a statement released yesterday (April 12), the Metropolitan Police  disputed Detonate's claims, and said any recordings of MI6 phone conversations "would have been made via the receiving handset only and not from an attack on internal systems."

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