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Video: Air traffic asleep, delays medical plane

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    >> good evening. it has happened again. an air traffic controller on the night shift has fallen asleep on jop. not every job has life and death conquences, but this does. pilots are unable to raise a controller to hand. the most rheeant incident this morning before dawn in reno , nevada. listen to the pilot of a medevac pilot.

    >> we've got a pretty sick patient, we just have to land.

    >> he got on ground, all was fine, but trulg is just starting for the controller . we want to start off with tom.

    >> this most recent case taking a male patient from california to reno , novembevada. at 2:00 this morning, the pilot forced to circle the airport as the controller slet. the pilot of this plane with a seriously ill patient trying to land.

    >> no answer from the tower, but radar controllers in northern california were listening.

    >> we're going to call them on the phone lines.

    >> all right, we'll circle more.

    >> despite phone calls to the reno controller , no answer. finally, they said they couldn't wait longer.

    >> we have a sick patient, we may just have to land.

    >> landing will be at your own risk. last reported win was calm.

    >> today, the faa said the lone controller on the job admitted he had fallen asleep. the faa admitted they have tried to save money by keeping it staff low at night, despite the warnings.

    >> you do not put money over safety. the public understands that. sfloo on march 23rd , two commercial flights had to land on their own at reagan airport .

    >>> on february 19th , a controller willfully slept while seven planes landed without his help. and today, we have learned of two cases. march 29th , the faa suspended two controllers in lubbock for failing to answer other cloelers about air traffic . and april 11th , a controller at boeing field suspended for sleeping on the job .

    >> this is ridiculous and i'm not going to sit by and let it happen .

    >> immediately, they're going to have at least two on duty


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