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  Sea exploration project 12 years in the making now a reality

NASA pinpoints problem on Mars Odyssey orbiter

A veteran NASA spacecraft orbiting Mars has gone into safe mode after a glitch was detected in one of its reaction wheels. Full story

Space shuttle will be hoisted from plane in crane ballet

The space shuttle Discovery will be hoisted off its ferry plane Wednesday in a complicated ballet of cranes. Full story

NASA Chose Right Museums for Retired Space Shuttles, Report Finds

This story was updated on Aug. 27 at 3:06 p.m. ET. Full story

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The MAVEN orbiter, shown in this artist's conception, is to be launched toward Mars in November. NASA is taking names that will be digitized for inclusion on the spacecraft.

Face on Mars
Face on Mars

A perspective view from the European Space Agency's Mars Express orbiter shows the "Face on Mars" in the Red Planet's Cydonia region.

Tharsis Tholus
Tharsis Tholus

A stereo image from the European Space Agency's Mars Express orbiter, based on data acquired in 2004, shows the shield volcano known as Tharsis Tholus. Use red-blue glasses to see the 3-D effect.