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Facebook con artists know exactly what people want: sex, death, free iPads, Cheesecake Factory gift cards and anything Justin Bieber-related. Now it seems we can add disgusting, oversized, pus-filled bright red zits to that list.

In a scam only a seasoned dermatologist could love, Facebook fraudsters have begun spreading a message claiming to have "incredible video" of "The Biggest Pimple Of The World!" Spotted by the watchdogs at Facecrooks, next to the message is what looks like a YouTube video of a latex-gloved hand squeezing the huge pimple while another hand approaches it with a tweezer.

If that doesn't immediately make you gag, and your curiosity cannot be squelched, clicking the play button on the thumbnail video takes you to another page, with a bigger version of the same video, called "Best Pimple Pop Ever." Still interested? Just post the message to your wall, and then you can delight in watching this world-class zit meet its maker. Right?

Wrong. There is no video, and trying to play it triggers a pop up that prompts you to fill out a survey to win a free iPhone 4S, free Ugg boots or free online dating. Completing the survey won't get you the video, or the prizes you've been promised; all it does is generate money for the people spreading the social networking scam.

If you followed this scam to its end and now you've inadvertently shared it with your entire Facebook contacts list, remove it from your newsfeed and scrub your profile of any references to it by clicking the "x" in the right-hand corner of the post.

And no matter how enticing, disgusting, "incredible," "exclusive" or "once-in-a-lifetime" a video is described as being, don't believe it. These are nothing more than keywords Facebook scammers use to lure you in and have their way with you, whether it's to steal your identity, compromise your computer or trick you into downloading and spreading malicious software. Common sense, tons of grains of salt, and a trusted anti-virus software program can go a long way to keeping you and your computer safe.

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