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  ‘Turbo’ actors meet for the first time

Celebrate summer with an al fresco taco dinner

  Siri Pinter, who runs a food blog called “Siriously Delicious,” shares a meal that’s perfect for your summer nights: roasted chicken tacos accompanied by a spicy grapefruit cocktail.

Kathie Lee: Let Taco Bell shell-licker keep his job

  TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb chat about the Taco Bell employee who lost his job after a picture of him licking tacos during training spread on the Internet. KLG says he should get to keep his job; Hoda offers him encouragement that there is another position out there for him.

Eww! Photo shows Taco Bell worker licking taco shells

  Taco Bell quickly responded to a viral image of a California employee who was photographed licking the side of some taco shells.

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  TODAY anchors taste-test grasshopper tacos

The anchors, along with MSNBC’s Alex Wagner, talk about the hot topics of the day, including the United Nations’ recent report encouraging people to eat insects to fight global hunger, which inspires them to sample tacos filled with grasshoppers.

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