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    >>> a prominent member of the nixon white house who became a key figure in the watergate scandal died. charles colson served time in prison and became an advocate of reform.

    >> reporter: his life was marked by a profound met more physician. he was a hard driving hatchet man for nixon and said he'd walk over his own grandmother to get nixon re-elected. he was never charged with anything directly connected to that year's watergate break-in that led to nixon 's downfall. instead he pleaded guilty to block an investigation of another break-in at the office of a psychiatrist treating daniel elsburg who leaked the pentagon papers . after serves seven months he came out a man changed by the scandal and punishment.

    >> in my own life i look at it with gratitude. by going to prison god has used my life and my life is transformed and i work p in prisons.

    >> he founlded prison fellowship in 1976 reaching out to prisoners, ex-cons in their families here in the u.s. and eventually around the world.

    >> those nonviolent offenders should be out of prison and working and paying back victims instead of sitting in their cell. that would give them a sense of accountability and responsibility.

    >> he launched a daily radio feature offering a christian view on current affairs . in 1993 he got the temple ton prize for promoting religion and applied the $1 million that came with it for his advocacy to help prisoners. president george w. bush presented him with the citizens medal in 2008 for his work. he had recently been in declining health requiring a pacemaker and then suffering a brain hemorrhage. he died at age 80. pete williams , nbc news, washington.

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