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When Activision released the original "Prototype" in 2009, it introduced a great new antihero in Alex Mercer, a human with super-mutant capabilities. But little did we know that they would just be setting the stage for an even bigger adventure with the sequel, "Prototype 2," which features even more chaos and destruction. It debuts today (April 24).

In the game, you play Sgt. James Heller, a member of a Blackwatch squad patrolling an infected New York zone. After losing his wife and daughter, he finds himself at the end of his rope — but his day gets a bit more interesting when Mercer infects him with the same virus he carried in the original game. Now, with various tools at his arsenal, Heller vows revenge for his family’s demise, not only clashing with Mercer, but also with his former employers, who have a deadly agenda of their own.

Within "Prototype 2," you’ll find the means to do pretty much whatever you want. You can run up the sides of buildings, slice up enemies with razor-sharp claws and tendril attacks, and even bring vehicles like helicopters and tanks down to size, if you’re not riding around in them and shooting enemies down.

Along with the regular story missions, you can also take part in side events to improve your abilities, along with online Radnet missions where you challenge friends for the best online leaderboard times in competitive fashion.

The game’s developer, Radical Entertainment, has refined its original "Prototype" game engine with better visuals and thunderous sound effects. The dialogue can be pretty laughable, and when you’re not visiting outer areas, those areas become covered in fog, but these are small issues that are easy to overlook.

"Prototype 2" is an incredibly fun game. What’s more, it’s backed by a powerful story that twists and turns throughout, keeping you intrigued. 


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