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When should you call? How soon till it gets intimate? When should we move in together? Timing is a big part of how relationships develop. Today (April 24), and a collection of research groups released the results of a survey that partly shows when things happen in dating and relationships.

That follow-up call after a date? About a quarter (23 percent) of the 5,000 people surveyed ring the very next day.

Eighty-five percent of daters think a peck on the cheek is OK on the first date. Forty percent will go all the way to making out. And men are bigger fans of doing it in public — 41 percent of men would be comfortable with PDA, versus 31 percent of women.

But most wait to get hot and heavy. Only 12 percent of folks get in bed after just two or three dates.

And when do things get really serious? Twenty percent expect to shack up within a year. Even more, 29 percent, expect to be married within two years.

The report leaves out more than it tells, however. After those 27 percent of people who get their next-day callback, how long do the rest of them have to wait, for example?

Along with, the survey was run by some academic parties, including The Kinsey Institute and the Institute for Evolutionary Studies at Binghamton University.

Some of the other stats include:

  • 85 percent are comfortable holding hands on the first date.
  • 18 percent want to be friends on Facebook after three dates.
  • 43 percent expect to be introduced to their date's friends after three months, and 35 percent expect to meet the 'rents by then.


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