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Video: Stop Kony movement to save ‘invisible children’

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    >>> we're back now with the web video -- actually, it's a short film that tens of millions of people are watching really every minute all over the world and then talking about on social media . they're talking about kony 2012 . it's a new campaign designed to tell the world about a ugandan war criminal who the filmmaker hopes will soon be brought to justice. nbc's craig melvin has our report.

    >> we worry. the rebels when they arrest us again then they will kill us.

    >> reporter: jacob is a 7-year-old child of war in uganda .

    >> jacob. it's okay.

    >> reporter: he learned english because he wanted to grow up to be a lawyer. not a soldier.

    >> my brother tried to escape. then they killed him using a panga. they cut his neck.

    >> reporter: his has become the hopeful face of a global movement that may be redefining revolution. they are called the invisible children , victims of two decades of war. jason ruffle is behind the lens telling the tragic story for millions.

    >> everything in my heart told me to do something. and so i made him a promise.

    >> reporter: more than 39 million people have watched his video since it was posted on youtube three days ago. today reaction from the state department , the white house , even the highest court in the world.

    >> and these young people from california mobilizing this effort is incredible. exactly what we need.

    >> reporter: in 2003 russell took a camera to uganda and found children terrified of being kidnapped and used for war. that documentary led to today's social media man tunt and call for action.

    >> joseph kony , he has an army. and what he does is he takes children from their parents and he gives them a gun to shoot and he makes them shoot and kill other people.

    >> reporter: in the simplest of terms russell explained his mission to his curious 4-year-old.

    >> he's a bad guy?

    >> yeah.

    >> reporter: joseph kony , wanted for war crimes . since the late '80s he's led an extremist group called the lord's resistance army. in uganda he's accused of turning tens of thousands of girls into sex slaves and boys into soldiers.

    >> we need to teach him what justice looks like. we need to love him into the hague behind bars soak face justice.

    >> reporter: people are taking action. this girl organized friends at her los angeles high school to raise awareness and money. about $4,000 so far.

    >> i don't know what it was. but there's something about their tears and their voices that i just couldn't stand.

    >> reporter: the 29-minute video and the activism it's created does have its critics.

    >> the main people are filmmakers. and as to the people with business backgrounds, it's not clear they're the best eck twoipd help with international relief.

    >> reporter: and are they equipped to help with the large amount of charity money that's been pouring in? experts agree raising awareness is good but the problems in uganda are complex and there won't be an easy fix. in los angeles craig melvin, nbc news.


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