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Every kid needs an mp3 player (or they think they do). And warnings that they will lose their hearing if they blast the music are likely to fall on deaf ears. What's a parent to do?

Self-limiting headphones are one answer. Griffin Technology's Crayola MyPhones cap the volume at 85 decibels — the maximum that medical professionals recommend as safe. But the headphones hide the serious business of protecting hearing with fun options to customize them.

The MyPhones come in two kid-size types: ear buds and over-the-ear phones. Each includes a set of markers and stickers so children can decorate them. The over-the-ear version comes in pink- or blue-theme color schemes, while the earbuds come in four colors, blue berry, Caribbean green, cotton candy and purple pizazz.

The over-the-ear design is $25, and the earbuds sell for $15 — cheaper than some other models of self-limiting headphones — and a lot more fun.

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