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That 'Eureka!' moment
The adage "luck favors the prepared mind”  applies more to the process of inventing than romantic notions of serendipity.
The next Big Thing
Could a giant tin can that turns everything from socks to broccoli into powder be it?
Small firms targeted in patent cases
Patent holders have begun demanding licenses fees for common Internet technologies
U.S. patent office swamped by backlog
Without more funding, the wait for a patent could grow to five years
Would-be inventors lose money in scams
Many firms that promise to  market new products instead take their clients' money and vanish.
Video: Whiz kids at work
Pa. high school students create a device that reads product labels for the blind
NBC on the search for the perfect tire
Two inventors say synthetics could be key to safer, wholly recyclable tires
Creating a jet for the rest of us
Flier aims to make personal air travel a reality
Space chemist cooks up ‘solid smoke’
NASA lab is a kitchen for ultralight aerogel
The man behind the Steadicam
From folk singer to Oscar winner
Inventor eyes fail-safe power grid
Sensor could save power companies millions
Skater creates new athletic footwear
Heelys are the latest in mobility

  Special report
'Like' it or not: 10 things Facebook changed in 10 years
Ten years ago Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg launched “The Facebook” from his Harvard dorm. Since then, the site has gone on to redefine our lives online.

Free video
Whiz kids at work
April 30: A group of Pennsylvania high school students explains their invention, a device that reads labels for the blind.'s Gary Krakow reports.

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