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The Twitter account belonging to actor Mark Ruffalo, also known as The Hulk in "The Avengers," was hijacked yesterday (May 6). But despite the Hulk's well-known temper, and the promise that you certainly won't like him when he's angry, the man behind the green suit didn't seem bothered.

"It's kind of hilarious me getting hacked today," Ruffalo tweeted while it was still happening. "I got to hand it to the hacker. Kind of genius."

The problem began last night when Ruffalo's account, @Mruff221, was hijacked and its Twitter handle changed to @tauyeutram, according to the Softpedia security blog.

From there, whoever took over the Twitter feed posted a message, "The women of Hollywood sure have great boobs. Here are the top 15."

As Forbes reported, the Hulk hijacker posted similar tweets about who has "the best booties in Hollywood" and "how to have mind blowing sex." Both of those tweets have since been deleted.

Ruffalo still had access to the hijacked account, however, and kept his more than 157,000 followers abreast of the situation in real-time.

There was a further complication. Because whoever hijacked the account had changed the handle, Ruffalo's original Twitter handle, @Mruff221, was up for grabs.

A fan spotted that and registered @Mruff221 so that Ruffalo could get it back later.

"Just a girl who snagged Mark's username while it was hacked, so he could get it back! Not Mark! ;)" she wrote. "To clarify, I am not Mark, or the hacker. I just took this name while he was hacked, in case he wanted it back, & I will hand it over."

Meanwhile, Ruffalo contacted Twitter, which transferred his tweet history and followers to a new account, @Mark_Ruffalo.

"Ok, I'm back up," he wrote. "The existential battle raged on my keyboard between me and my silly hacker has ended and it seems I lost @Mruff221."

Once he learned that a good Samaritan had in fact rescued his old account, he tweeted, "@Mruff221 Dude, You are my hero. Thanks for giving me back my identity. Thanks for thinking to save it. Best to you."

Even better, he learned that Twitter would let him tweet simultaneously from both accounts within a couple of days.

"Guess what. I am one and the same!! I am both Identities. @mruff221 and @Mark_Ruffalo. So everyone wins," Ruffalo wrote. "They have lumped both accounts together. It's one account both names. It has a poetic justice to it I suppose."

He followed it by writing, "Okay all. I am fried from all this hacking and rehacking. Best to all. Actually this was kind of fun. Thanks Hacker Johnson."

Ruffalo joined the ranks of other celebrities, including Ashton Kutcher, Lil Wayne and Kim Kardashian, whose Twitter accounts have been compromised.

You can avoid joining them by making sure your Twitter password is strong and hard to guess, and that you don't use it for any other accounts.

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