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Video: Home remedies for common ailments

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    >> al, thank you. this morning on "today's health," home remedies . how many times have you had a strong headache or maybe muscle pain and you have nothing in your medicine cabinet to help? well the remedy may actually be in your kitchen. internist and women's health contributor dr. care ye peterson is here to reveal some home remedies .

    >> good morning.

    >> good to have you in.

    >> thank you.

    >> let's get started with the first common ailment and that is a headache. sometimes people don't really want to take a pill or medicine or maybe they don't have something on hand. what can help in this situation that may be not in your medicine cab hit?

    >> try ginger. the sfies ginger actually has been found to be effective in reducing the number of headaches that people have and the intensity of headaches that people have to the point where it's even endorsed by some neurologists, actually. and the way that it works is it has anti-inflammatory properties. and it's inflammation that's thought to mediate headache pain. when a vessel in the brain gets inflamed it presses on the nerves around it and that causes pain. so if you can reduce that, you stop the headaches. but one note, not everyone can take ginger. if you have gallstones or you're on blood thinners you should avoid it.

    >> some people do not like the taste of ginger or may not be able to eat a whole thing of ginger, can they take some other candies or teas?

    >> i would not recommend biting ginger whole. grind it up and put it in your food or comes in a tea or crystallized, candied or even as a supplement.

    >> some thing a lot of people are embarrassed by and that is foot odor . so what is the remedy that you're suggesting?

    >> foot odor , very embarrassing. great remedy is apple cider vinegar.

    >> really?

    >> most people have it in their refrigerator but apple cider vinegar works very, very well. foot odor is caused by bacteria that live on the skin. it's not the sweat. when you release sweat it has no odor but when it mixes with the bacteria. the bacteria create these substances that are very foul smelling. when you put the vinegar on the skin the acidic nature of it lowers the ph of the skin and the bacteria cannot thrive in that environment. it's what kills them. so what we recommend at women's health is just add a cup into a little basin and soak your feet once a day for about ten minutes and it can help kill that bacteria. when you get out, dry them very well because moisture will also allow the bacteria to thrive.

    >> you also said you could use this for body odors?

    >> especially for women in the arm pits. if you take cotton balls, dip it in the apple cider . let it dry on the arm pit and then use your deodorant it works much better.

    >> won't you end up smelling like vinegar?

    >> you don't.

    >> good to know.

    >> all right. next muscle aches . and what home remedy can alleviate that?

    >> this is an old school home remedy . good old epsom salts . really cheap in the drugfor. works very well. the fancy term for epsom salts is magnesium sulfate . when you soak in it, it absorbs through the skin and that magnesium has wonderful properties. it eases muscle pain , improves circulation, even helps nerve function and the sulfates can help to improve your joint proteins. if you put two cups in a tub and soak a few times a week it can be helpful.

    >> next embarrassing issue, bad breath . so there's something as well in your refrigerator that can help you.

    >> there is, very simple. parsley. we see it on ganaches, particularly in italian restaurants, we have these garlicy meals. it can really have a nice little side effect of freshening your breath. parsley contains color fill and that is a natural deodorizer, if you chew on a sprig after food, it takes away that bad odor.

    >> eat your side of parsley. and finally hiccups. some people think if you hold your breath or if you're scared or hop on one leg. you hear all the old wive's tales. what's actually something that can help?

    >> what i like is a teaspoon of sugar. dry, granulated sugar . a hiccup is caused by a spasm of the diagraphragdiaphragm. the diaphragm controls breathing. the mechanism of action for aborting hiccups is to stimulate the very back of the throat way up high. when you eat a teaspoon of dry, granulated sugar it does that naturally. stimulates that back of the palate and stops the hiccups.

    >> there is something to that spoonful of sugar after all. always great information. thank you so much.


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