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Apple has pushed out 26 security updates covering its Snow Leopard and Lion operating systems.

In updating Lion to version 10.7.4 and Snow Leopard to 10.6.8  Apple addressed several flaws,  including two in QuickTime that could enable an attacker to rig an MPEG or movie file to run code on target computers, as well as a glitch in the handling of network account logins that accidentally saved sensitive information in the system log, where it could be read by other users.

Other bugs fixed for the big cat operating systems include improper handling of TIFF images by ImageIO, the accidental storing of unencrypted data  by FileVault, and a login error in the LoginUI framework.

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These security updates come just after the release of Apple's iOS 5.1.1, its newest mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Apple also pushed out fixes for Safari 5.1.7, including a feature that automatically turns off the Adobe Flash plug-in inside a Web browser if it goes out of date. This is a crucial update that could thwart a number of threats, according to Paul Ducklin from the security firm Sophos.

"Plug-ins such as Flash and Java are vigorously analyzed by crooks in the hope that they'll find a way to trick them into downloading program code without permission," Ducklin wrote on a Sophos blog.

Users can download the software updates by clicking "System Preferences," then "Software Update." And don't wait: As Ducklin explained, online thieves prey on outdated or unpatched systems.

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