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The iPad is great for consuming all types of media. But it can quickly fill up, leaving no space for new content.  Fortunately, it's simple to see what’s on your iPad and to get rid of stuff you don't need.

What’s filling up my storage?

For an overview, tap Settings on your iPad's home screen and look under the General tab for Usage to see a list of your apps, and how much space each app is using. Tap on an app, and you can even see how much of that space is consumed by documents and data versus the app itself. Armed with this information, you’re ready to start deleting.

The four biggest space hogs are video, music, photos and apps. (Note: With Apple’s iCloud service, you can re-download anything that you delete from the iPad. So nothing is gone for good.)

How do I delete videos?

Use the Videos app to delete movies and TV shows. Press and hold on the icon for a film or a season for a show, and tap the X that appears. To delete specific episodes of a show, tap the season, swipe to the right on the episode and tap the red Delete button that appears To delete all seasons of a show, go back to the Usage settings, swipe to the right over the name of the show and tap Delete.

How do I erase music?

The process is nearly the same as for video. To delete all songs by an artist or on an album, go to the Artists or Album view in the Music app, press and hold on the icon for the artist or album, and tap the X that appears. To delete any song, in Songs view, simply swipe to the right on the song title, and tap the Delete button. To get rid of all your music, access the Usage settings, select the Music app, swipe right on All Music, and tap Delete.

How do I get rid of photos?

Open the Photos app, and tap the icon of a box with an arrow in the upper right corner of the screen. Next, tap any photos you wish to delete, and a checkmark appears on each. Then tap the Delete button on the upper left of the screen. But that's a lot of clicking. To delete a large number of photos, install the DiskAid application on your Mac or PC and connect the iPad by the USB cable. You can view, select and delete many photos quickly in this program.

How do I zap apps?

This is simple. Just press and hold on the app’s icon on the home screen until it starts to wiggle, tap the X that appears, and then press the Home button to stop the rest of the apps from wiggling. You can also delete apps from the Usage screen with the Delete App button.

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