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Video: Obama discusses human rights, China

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    >> president obama , could you confirm whether the blind chinese disdenied chen guangcheng , would the united states grant him asylum? and prime minister noda, how would japan respond to a nuclear test and what would you like the u.s. to do to respond?

    >> obviously, i'm aware of the press reports on the situation in china . but i'm not going to make a statement on the issue. what i would like to emphasize is that every time we meet with china , the issue of human rights comes up. it is our belief that not only is that the right thing to do because it comports with our principles and our belief in freedom and human rights . but also because we actually think china will be stronger as it opens up and liberalizes its own system. we want china to be strong and we want it to be prosperous. and we're very pleased with all the areas of cooperation that we've been able to engage in. but we also believe that that relationship will be that much stronger and china will be that much more prosperous and strong. as you see improvements on human rights issues in that country. i know it wasn't directed to me but i'll make a quick statement around north korea . this was a topic of extensive discussion between myself and prime minister noda. our consultation throughout the failed missile launch was i think reflective of how important our alliance is. not just to our two countries but to the region as a whole. and what i tried to do, since i came into office, to make sure that north koreans understood the old pattern of provocation that then gets attention and somehow insists on the world purchasing good behavior from them. that that pattern is broken. and what we've said is that the more you engage in provocative x, the more isolated you will become. the stronger sanctions will be in place. the more isolated you will be diplomatically, politically and commercially. and so although we can't anticipate, and i don't want to hypothesize what might happen in the coming that's on, i think pyongyang is very clear that the united states , japan , south korea , other countries in the region are unified. and insisting that it abide by its responsibilities, abide by international norms, that they will not be able to purchase anything from further provocative x.

    >> translator: with regard to north korea , between myself and president obama earlier, with regard to the so-called launch of satellite, the missile launch, we shared the view that it undermines the efforts of the various countries concerned to achieve resolution through dialogue. now in the latest round of a missile launch, they also conducted a nuclear test which means that there is a great possibility that they will conduct a nuclear test and the international community does hold together, will need to call for restraint on the part of dprk and more specifically, i believe the measures incorporated in the recent u.n. security council chairman's statement need to be complied with. and among japan , u.s. and korea, as well as china and russia, we need to communicate with each other fully. and also stress that china 's role continues to be very important and cooperate with china while also maintaining close coordination with the united states . we shared this with president obama .


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