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    >>> there are now medical reports out tonight that seem to tell two different stories of what happened on that night in sanford , florida , the night george zimmerman shot and killed travon martin. michael isikoff reports from sanford .

    >> florida teenager trayvon martin died from a single bullet wound to his chest. fired from a gun at intermediate range, according to an autopsy report prepared by a medical examiner and reviewed today by nbc news. there was one other fresh injury on martin's body, according to the report, an abrasion, no more than a quarter of an inch in size to his left ring finger below the knuckle. as for the man with whom he struggled that night and is now charged in his death, george zimmerman , he, too, suffered injuries, according to a separate medical report prepared by his family doctor the day after the shooting, saying he had a likely broken nose, black eyes , swelling, and scalp lacerations. these reports are only a small piece of a mountain of evidence about to be made public. up to 300 pages and 67 cds of witness statements, surveill ynls videos and other material. as the evidence dribbles out, it's raising as many questions about what happened that night as answers.

    >> they could use it to say that trayvon martin was the aggressor. that's he's the aggressor, they would say george zimmerman was defending himself.

    >> but a lawyer for trayvon martin's family said the injuries to zimmerman prove nothing because zimmerman started the confrontation in the first place.

    >> what we know from the depth of evidence is that george zimmerman got out of his car with a 9 millimeter gun and pursued a teenager, so he said said --

    >> dueling narratives are only likely to intensify. michael isikoff , nbc news, sanford , florida .

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