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Naked photos reportedly stolen from Brazilian actress Carolina Dieckmann recently hit the Web, and cybercrooks are armed and ready to take advantage of your curiosity.

Allegedly stolen from her personal computer when it was brought in for repair, the leaked pics of Dieckmann, a soap opera and film star, put her in the company of numerous celebrities whose intimate, personal photos have been pilfered and posted online, including Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis, Jessica Alba, Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera and "Glee" star Heather Morris.

Dieckmann's pictures have provided Brazilian online thieves with exactly the kind of fodder they need, the security firm Kaspersky Lab reported.

A Google search for Carolina Dieckmann yields several sites promising "fotos intimas," yet not all of them provide what they promise. Kaspersky Lab said several of these offers, including one packaged as .ZIP file downloads, contains bank-account-siphoning malware that worms its way onto your computer as soon as you hit "download."

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Crooks have even posted a YouTube tutorial explaining how to acquire the leaked photos via Dropbox. The video instructs you to install Dropbox, and then join a pre-shared folder, which supposedly contains Dieckmann's nude images. There is nothing illegal about this, Kaspersky Lab said, but rather it's a sophisticated method for would-be cybercriminals to reel you in for future attacks.

"The criminal will always be able to put any content into that folder, including malware, and instantly all of his new referrals (victims) will get a pop-up update via the Dropbox app and for sure they will click on it."

Rate Public  reported that whoever stole Dieckmann's photos attempted to blackmail her before disclosing them to the public. Dieckmann's lawyer filed a lawsuit against Google Brazil to take down the photos, but has since dropped the suit.

On Tuesday (May 15), Brazilian legislators approved a draft of a new law that would increase the maximum jail time for cybercrimes such as those perpetrated against Dieckmann to two years, Brazilian journalist  Ethevaldo Siqueria reported  on his blog.

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