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'Vampire' Graves Uncovered in Poland

Archaeologists in Poland believe they've made a startling discovery: a group of vampire graves. Full story

Rutger Hauer spills on 'True Blood's' new big bad

The fairy tale is over for the fairies on "True Blood." More about Rutger Hauer's mysterious new character has been revealed -- he's Sookie and Jason's grandfather and fairy king Niall -- but he's not exactly delivering good news. There might be another reason Bad Things happen whenever Niall's arou Full story

Kill Bill! 'True Blood' needs a break from the good guyturned bad

He started out as the gentleman vampire who managed to woo the residents of Bon Temps with his too-good-to-be-believed ways. But now, Bill Compton is a changed man -- and it's not a change for the better.Last season, Bill chugged the last drops of Lilith's blood -- otherwise known as the holy juice Full story

'Wild, Wild Web', Part 6

   Chris Hansen enters the world of 'real life' vampires. 

'Vampires,' hit men and more lurk in shocking online classifieds

Here's a quick look at Chris Hansen's upcoming video series "Wild Wild Web," that you can see in a new 2-hour Dateline that airs Friday night at 8 p.m. on NBC. Full story

Chris Hansen meets 'real life' vampire


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Real-Life 'Vampire' Addicted to Blood, Doctors Claim

The science of Halloween's scariest creatures

Five Halloween myths dispelled

Vampire squid like garbage, not blood

Vampire Squid Thrive on Feces and Ocean Debris


  Nikki Reed: ‘Twilight’ brought me ‘so much joy’

The actress who plays the bad-girl vampire in the “Twilight” series tells Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda that people have a hard time disassociating her character with her real personality, and says that she enjoyed being a part of the blockbuster film series.

  Sneak Peek: Fall dramas

From super spies to werewolves and vampires, this fall promises to bring compelling dramas to movie theaters. NBC's Mike Wilbur reports.

  'True Blood' actor: Vampires are really hot and they never die

Chris Bauer, who appears on the HBO vampire show "True Blood," joins Morning Joe to discuss the latest season, why vampires are starting to grow on him and why he felt the need to get more in shape for the show.

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Vampire bats in an abandoned mine in Huanuco, Peru
Vampire bats in an abandoned mine in Huanuco, Peru

Vampire bats in an abandoned mine in Huanuco, Peru.