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After three chapters on the PlayStation 3 game console, the "Resistance" series now brings its first-person action shooter to the PlayStation Vita handheld with "Burning Skies."

The game continues the storyline of humanity’s fight against aliens, while introducing a fresh new take that’s bound to entertain fans, despite a few shortcomings.

You play Tom, a firefighter who becomes a soldier in an alternate take on World War II battling the Chimera — an alien race that thrives on converting humans into their kind. Your challenge is to protect your family from their onslaught.

The campaign will take you a few hours to get through, and it introduces some good action scenarios. You’ll pick up various weapons, including the Bullseye, which can fire "homing rounds" that lock onto a target. You’ll also use grenades and, in up-close situations, a fire ax to take down Chimeran warriors.

Gameplay switches between the dual analogue sticks for movement and the system's touch sensors for using weapons like grenades and your fire ax. The controls work quite well when it comes to picking the right weapon for the job, though at times it can be tricky to use both in the heat of battle. Tapping the back touch sensors to run is an odd choice, but you’ll get used to it.

Along with the standard one-player story mode, you can play with friends in Deathmatch and Survival modes. Survival is the most fun: teammates who die then turn into Chimera that hunt you down.

Though "Resistance" doesn’t look or sound as good as the PS3 releases, graphics have plenty of splendid moments, including massive explosions and grisly Chimeran kills. The audio is generally compelling, though sometimes your weapons don’t sound as meaty as they should. Character voices are somewhat weak, too.

Despite some shortcomings, "Resistance: Burning Skies" makes a solid debut for the series on the Vita, and it sets a precursor for better shooters that are coming, including entries in the "Call of Duty" and "Killzone series." Bring 'em on! [ Hands-on Preview: 'PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale' ]

RATING: 3 / 4

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