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iPhone photographers may soon have a new option to take better pictures. 

A new case from a startup called Trygger adds a polarizing filter, which tones down brightness and reflections caused by strong sunlight.

The company says that the effects of the polarizing filter cannot be mimicked with photo-editing software like Photoshop. [ Getting Started with Instagram ]

The case has a sliding back where the filter resides. This filter can be slid to cover the camera lens when needed, especially for outdoor shots, and slid back out of the way when it is not, such as indoors or at night. An adjustable wheel allows you to fine-tune the amount of filtering, so that you can compensate for the brightness of the setting.

Trygger will offer the case in four colors: black, white, pollen (yellow) and azalea (hot pink). It is initially available through inventor site Kickstarter for a pledge of $35 or more, and will sell for $50 at retail — if  Trygger  makes its goal of raising $25,000 in pledges by July 3. The company has not said when it expects the case to go on sale.

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