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    >>> good morning. it's thursday, may 31. welcome to " morning joe ." with us onset, we have msnbc contributor mike barnicle , and the chairman of deutsch incorporated, donny deutsch . willie, how are you doing?

    >> i'm doing well. i like your dress today, mika.

    >> wow. that's really nice.

    >> that is nice.

    >> true story .

    >> oh, thank you.

    >> who designed that, by the way?

    >> it's secret. it's a secret designer. we're going to discover her.

    >> great.

    >> ok.

    >> we're not going to discover her if she remains a secret.

    >> we'll do a few more. yeah.

    >> how about the al east ? it's just collapsed. the red sox are in last place. and yet they are 2 1/2 games out.

    >> they're winning.

    >> what's that?

    >> how are they winning?

    >> i have no idea. i have no idea.

    >> how?

    >> but they are winning.

    >> how old did the yankees get all of a sudden? how old? eight years of a-rod at $25 million, hitting .260. going to knock in 55 runs a year.

    >> there's a rumor that the yankees are going to sell, and then they've come out and said no. if they were smart, they would sell right now. i would not want to be holding the contracts those guys will be holding three years from now when they are in second and third and fourth and fifth place. whoo. going to be brutal.

    >> question.

    >> what a game last night.

    >> who is the 8-year-old coming today?

    >> there's a reason that's here.

    >> great basketball game.

    >> holy cow .

    >> not going to get to it ever.

    >> overtime. we'll show you that later.

    >> mike barnicle , you were -- mika is very obsessed with health. i'm concerned. you see this report?

    >> yes.

    >> this is devastating to people's health. this causes serious problems. can cause heart attacks. can cause strokes. exercise. did you see the study? exercise is bad for your health.

    >> i'm cutting way back.

    >> bad for your health.

    >> all right, idiots.

    >> you just can't win. open the front page of "the times," if you exercise, you will die. what am i supposed to do?

    >> well, follow me. do what i do. just sit around on the couch.

    >> play call of duty .

    >> did you see the part --

    >> where's the clicker?

    >> you can't exercise when you have lost control of the situation, which is what the mayor of new york city is trying to fix. he wants to put a ban on big sugary drinks. mayor michael bloomberg wants to limit the size of drinks restaurants, movie theaters, even ballpark concessions can sell. teas, coffees, sweetened drinks over 16 ounces would be prohibited. we have the sizes here on the set, not for you to drink, joe, but just to show the difference. diet sodas , fruit drinks, alcoholic beverages are not included in the ban. the law would not include grocery stores , convenience stores , vending machines and newsstands. mayor bloomberg was quoted as saying this. obesity is a nationwide problem, and all over the united states , public health officials are wringing their hands saying, oh this is terrible. new york city is not about wringing your hands. it's about doing something. i think that's what the public wants the mayor to do. his proposal goes to the board later in june. since he hired everyone, i think it's going to go through. and i think it's a great idea. does anyone want to challenge me on that?

    >> convenience stores are excluded from this?

    >> there's a lot of exclusions.

    >> so i can still get a big gulp ?

    >> that was my question.

    >> this isn't as big as it gets when you go to some of these places. and it like drinking a big glass of sugar, of poison.

    >> you know, obviously, civil liberties , all this stuff. obesity, obviously this show is about politics.

    >> you just dismiss civil liberties .

    >> no, no, no.

    >> freedom. nah.

    >> how many hours have you debated health care on the show? you solve obesity, you solve health care . done. it's that simple. and it's so -- you know, the calories and the -- just in those huge, huge drinks, it's a great move. you know, we do things to keep kids from smoking. what's the difference?

    >> does anyone think their kid should drink this entire thing in the course of the day?

    >> no.

    >> how about every day?

    >> no.

    >> how about three times a week? well, guess what's happening out there? that's what's happening. and that's why the majority of the nation's children are obese.

    >> we have little kids. my kids, just water. they are nowhere near this stuff. not any even anymore.

    >> really?

    >> we give them a little bread once in a while . it's water. that's what they are used to.

    >> you can go to the bodega or the 7 eleven . i got one the other day it was so big at the gas station it didn't fit in my cup holder . i had to put it between my legs as i was driving.

    >> that's awful.

    >> that big gulp between your legs. there you go.

    >> did you drink the whole thing?

    >> i did. i long drive.

    >> i had it specially made.

    >>> new poll numbers out this morning are zeroing in on three key battle ground states that president obama won in 2008 . why don't you tell us about it? [ laughter ]

    >> it's custom.

    >> where do you get those?

    >> he needs one.

    >> it's funny because it's true. [ laughter ]

    >> we actually -- cars have adapted to the size of human beings . the seats are bigger. everything is made bigger to --

    >> president obama and mitt romney

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