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Nintendo keeps 2013/14 Wii U sales forecast unchanged at 9 million

TOKYO (Reuters) - Nintendo Co said on Wednesday it has kept its Wii U game machine sales forecast for the year through March 2014 unchanged at 9 million consoles, although sales during the April-June first quarter were a modest 160,000 machines.Full story

E3: 'Bayonetta 2' Is Exactly What the Wii U Needs

With its recognizable mascots and bloodless violence, Nintendo has the market on games for kids almost cornered. Attracting adults to its flagging Wii U console has proven a little more difficult, which is why 'Bayonetta 2,' a delightfully over-the-top action game, might be just what the system need Full story

Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 vs. Wii U: Can one console rule?

All three next-generation video game consoles are now official, but only Nintendo's Wii U has hit the market — and that one isn't exactly a hot seller. In the months leading up to the as-yet-undated Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 launches, it's time to speculate: What will it take to win Full story

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  E3's Xbox vs. PlayStation Winner: Pro

New gaming consoles unveiled at the industry's E3 event show one clear winner in the battle between Microsoft and Sony, Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities says.

  Nintendo's Fils-Aime on E3, Gaming

The Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) takes place this week in Los Angeles. CNBC's Jon Fortt sat down with Nintendo of America President & COO Reggie Fils-Aime to talk about the latest developments in the industry.