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Merrill Lynch makes big changes in managed account program

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Merrill Lynch is overhauling its $438 billion managed account business, spending more than $100 million to streamline how brokers open accounts, build portfolios and charge for their efforts.Full story

Preparing clients for looming bond risk

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Brokers who fail to warn their clients about the risks of bond investing may find themselves facing regulatory ire and legal actions in the future, compliance experts say. Full story

The Startup Bringing Video Games into the Real World

The video game of the future just might remind you of toys of the past. Sifteo cubes give tactile appeal to technology. Full story

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Merrill's head of structured products for ultra-wealthy departs

Veteran Merrill Lynch broker jumps to Morgan Stanley

Merrill restarts coverage of online brokerages

Merrill Lynch hires four advisers from rival brokerages

Merrill Lynch Wealth's investment chief Shalett leaves

Cooperative Companies Offer an Alternative to Franchising


  Gold Set to Shine Again: Pro

Continued quantitative easing will be supportive of gold, Francisco Blanch of Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research says.