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With all eyes fixed on the new MacBook Pro and other highly sought-after gadgets Apple unveiled at its news conference today (June 11), it's more than likely that scammers will use the hype to find a way into your wallet.

As they do with any event that draws worldwide attention, from horrific "zombie" attacks  to celebrity sex tapes, phishing scammers, spammers, identity thieves and any cybercriminal bent on making a quick buck are sure to launch a new barrage of Apple-theme campaigns following today's Worldwide Developers Conference.

Though SecurityNewsDaily hasn't seen any such scams yet, it's likely they will come in the form of "exclusive" offers for the new MacBook Pro. Currently on sale for $1,199 (13-inch), $1,799 (15-inch) and $2,499 (17-inch), the fake offers will undoubtedly try to sell you the same product for significantly cheaper. If you come across such an offer, ignore it, and never enter your personal or financial information if prompted.

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It's expected scammers will also use iOS6 and Mountain Lion, Apple's new operating systems (for mobile and laptop, respectively), as lures to get excited and unsuspecting Mac fans to hand over their passwords or credit card details. Because neither operating system is available yet, any email or link promising them early should immediately raise a red flag.

The take-home message: Be smart and be skeptical. If the new computer you want is available on Apple's website, read about it there, not from a site you found through an unsolicited email or link on Facebook. Avoid any emails promising "exclusive" deals, or the ability to purchase a product that isn't yet for sale. And as always, keep your credit card in your wallet, and don't hand over the number unless you're sure the site is legitimate.

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