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Video: Syrian regime ‘wobbling’

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    >>> now, overseas tonight to the crisis in syria. more silence, morehan 100 dead, more reports of a new massacre in what is really devolving into an all-out civil war . richard engel is with us tonight from the region in cairo with news of what could be a change in assad's grip on power there. richard, good evening.

    >> reporter: good evening, brian. a western diplomatic source told me the syrian regime is "wobbling." there are now according to this source, regular gun battles, very close to the presidential palace . in downtown damascus. and that the syrian regime is having command and control problems over its own armed forces . now, does wobbling, brian, mean that assad is about to get on a plane and leave the country? probably not. but it means that he has less s control over what is going on on the ground, cause a civil war is breaking out between u.s. nis and shiites. i was told this is not shaping up to look like libya where there was unifoid opposition fighting an unpopular dictator, but more like baghdad with militia groups .

    >> and appalling violence every day. richard engel from cairo. thanks as always.


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