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  Comedy Central finds a creative way to look into the past

Personal Histories, Statements of 4 Watergate Burglars Released

Court records detailing the personal histories and statements of four men involved in the Watergate break-in are now open to the public, 40 years after they were filed under seal. The National Archives and Records Administration released 75 pages of documents Monday in response to a judge's rulin Full story

GOP continues comparing Obama to Nixon

  In spite of no conclusive evidence linking the president to any of the recent scandals plaguing Washington, Republicans like Darrell Issa continue relentless investigations of the president

Cheney’s credibility problem

  Former Vice President Dick Cheney questioned President Obama’s credibility this weekend, so Rev. Sharpton welcomed veteran and former Congressman Patrick Murphy to discuss Cheney’s credibility.

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Holder invites media to off-the-record briefings–and is turned down

Column: It's not Watergate, it's Whitewater

Awkward anniversary: Nixon at 100


  Panel reviews administration’s response

A Meet the Press panel of experts reviews the White House strategy for addressing the wave of recent controversies.

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Sen. Daniel K. Inouye, D-Hawaii, a member of the Watergate investigating committee, questions witness James McCord during the hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, on May 19, 1973. Inouye, the influential Democrat who broke racial barriers on Capitol Hill and played key roles in congressional inves