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Video: Report: Israel, US cyber attacked Iran

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    >> returnbing to the question of cyber war now, has the cyber war that the u.s. with israel 's help according to david sanger 's reporting, has that avoided an all-out war against iran and the nuclear, suspected nuclear capability, and now we are joined at the table with ambassador warren. the u.s. role has been long suspected and iran 's role is long suspected and what david's book says that it was launched under president bush and expand expanded under president obama , and having a window into all of this that israel was able to see in real time the plant as we were and then to see what could be accomplished through the secret cyber attack , and of all without confirming israel 's role or has it helped slow down any kind of military action?

    >> nope. first of all, good afternoon, andrea, and always good to be with you. i don't know anything about the cyber warfare or worms or virus virus viruses, but focus on what we do know. iran has 10,000 centrifuges up and working and amassed a sufficient nuclear materiel for enriching nuclear capability. and now they have enriched to a higher level , and what we know is that they have accelerated the program by --

    >> h and 20% is arguably getting into the range of being able to create a bomb and far higher than the enrichment which is needed for electrical power plant or medical isotopes.

    >> yes. that is true. this is what we do know today, and that this project according to again the international national atomic agency is accelerated by 50%, and they are rushing.

    >> now, two rounds of talks with iran . and the second talks are scheduled for moscow, and the baghdad talks did not produce any agreement, and is israel now concerned about the possibility, again, of redlines that might be crossed and that diplomacy may not work?

    >> well, first of all, let me be the first to say that if diplomacy does work nobody is happier nan the people of israel . we have the most at stake here. though iranian's nuclear program threatens the entire world, and the supreme commander of the armed forces in iran said it is their goal to completely annihilate the state of israel , and for those of us who have kids in the country from israel , we have a lot at stake, but be honest with us, that while we are here having this conversation, iran is enriching nuclear materiel by the opening of the next round of talks in moscow, think of how much more nuclear materiel will be enriched. so we have moved all of that way, and they have amassed this amount of enrichment materiel, and yes, there is that souse of the concern.

    >> i want to ask you about what is happening in egypt , because the egyptian election now pits what are the radical and the most radical extremes, mubarak holdovers versus the muslim brotherhood , and now huge anger in egypt about the sentencing of mubarak and the fact that nobody has paid for all of the people who died in the revolution.

    >> well, our major concern is for israel . we is a peace treaty with egypt now more than close to 35 years' old, and very important corn cornerstone of the middle eastern policy and our strategy and the defense policy and we honor and respect that treaty, and we expect the egyptian government whoever will be in power to continue to respect that as well.

    >> including if it is the muslim brotherhood .

    >> including whoever is elected in egypt , who achieves power in egypt , we expect them to live up to egypt 's international commitments which means honoring the peace treaty with israel .

    >> thank you, michael orren, ambassad


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