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Video: West’s blazes test firefighters

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    >> states wouldn't be able to stand down anytime soon. two wildfires pose the biggest dangers and a new inferno threatening homes in utah.

    >> reporter: north of salt lake city thick smoke swept over a town where 18,000 live. and firefighters are not in con control yet. more than 2,000 people have been evacuated.

    >> i wondered where the heck i was.

    >> reporter: in colorado's high park fire near fort collins , the flames have scorched more than 100 square miles of forest land and evacuees who had returned home have been forced to leave again.

    >> i don't know what the fire behavior is right now.

    >> reporter: firefighters here lost ground friday shifting winds colorado's worst ever now hast way contained.

    >> it is going to burn for a long time.

    >> reporter: sustained gusting winds and temperatures approaching triple digits are driving the western fires. it is the warm, dry winter just past following know filled winters.

    >> all of the vegetation that sprouted up is now dry and sitting there and fueling those fires.

    >> reporter: the national fire center says this year more than 25,000 fires that burned nearly 1.2 million acres and it is only june. the ten year average for a full season around 35,000 fires scorching 1.76 million acres. yes the monsoon season is coming.

    >> also bring with it lightening which could spark more wildfires.

    >> reporter: leading to fears that the worst is yet to come.


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